money saving monday #7

Take lots of pictures and then print for free!!!

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a new year, a new site

i’ve moved :) purely for the convenience of being able to blog w/o entering a new password and uploading from my phone. (technology is amazing). I will keep this live, b/c I have so many ideas that I plan to do someday on the new one. Find me here:

party planning




so, i’m a wanna be crafter. if i believed in re-incarnation and all that i would’ve been a crafter, a baker… a candlestick maker… hahaha. just kidding. but really a crafter and a baker. i like to think that if i had the time i would be better at crafting. anyway, enough about this berry. 

my little K. berry will be turning one in January. I didn’t post L. Berry’s first birthday decorations, though i was encouraged to do so. 

here is one of the six elements that will make up the center pieces. Image


i’m using the create a critter 2 cartridge on the cricut expression. you can see the box on the ground… (totally not planned!) the components that make up the birdie…


Imageand the final product.


day 13

thankful for 

1. L. Berry being a whopping 32 months! (that’s over 2.5 for you non parents out there) 

2. L. Berry

3. K. Berry

4. Short weeks

5. colleagues

focus & day 12

i have a HUGE paper due on thursday and CANNOT wrap my head around to focus so i can write the horrible thing. updates to come.

i’m thankful for

1. days off

2. short weeks

3. the semester nearing and end

4. the holidays

5. online shopping!


day 11

today i’m thankful for

1. 3 day weekends

2. early church services

3. time for myself

4. challenges (again)

5. sunday afternoon naps

k. berry birthday planning

i’ve always been somewhat of a planner. for some friends that know me, i’m the consummate planner.. i can get the job done. other friends of mine make me look disorganized. my sister is one of those people – she’s a great planner, executor and throughout the process, she doesn’t complain. hahaha, if only i was that patient! she definitely has a knack for managing people… i’m still learning that skill.

so, i’m planning multiple things as i type this in addition to managing my current work load and school load. updates to come.


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